Anonymous sent: hi! do you normally wear your seifuku skirts low?? i was asking bc i normally see them worn at the natural waist and yours look like they're on your hips.

yeah I do. that’s where they fall on me and i’m too lazy to pin them up on my waist if they fit fine on my hips lol. not to mention i’m kinda tall and i don’t like showing that much of my thighs hghghr,

Anonymous sent: where did you get the purple shirt with the pastel stars? also you wouldn't happen to know where i could find a simalar jacket to your varsity milkman jacket would you?

here it is~ 


Um you might want to try searching the terms baseball jacket? In Chinese of course.

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guro-kitty sent: Hello! Where did you get that awesome docomo phone? :) is it unlocked?

It’s off eBay, I happened to snag it from a seller from Canada who had bought it from Japan. 

And yes, it is~ I can receive calls and send/receive text messages but for some reason I can’t make calls yet lol. I’m figuring it out slowly since I haven’t really switched over to using it permanently yet, I probably have to contact our phone company.

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mistressmaw sent: Can you give the link to the galaxy sailor uniform you bought? Its so cute but i cant find it! D:

Ummm the tops/skirts/shorts are all different listings, so here’s the general shop:


glaceon sent: Hello! I saw your post on your recent shopping haul and I was wondering for the galaxy uniform models, what were their heights? My friend and I want to get them, but we want to make sure the long skirt isn't too long or the short skirt isn't too short. Thank you! :)

(Cute username uuu.)

The girl in the purple set I thiiiink was about 4’9” - 4’11” and the girl in the blue was umm 5’0” - 5’2”? I don’t remember exactly but it was along those lines.

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taeminator sent: I just went through your entire blog and its just pure amazing u v u can you be so kind as to link the taobao shop you got your rilakkuma duffle from, if you can ;; iv been looking for one for ages ages and ages sob

Here you go!


Warning though it really should /not/ be totally stuffed full as my zipper has come undone once but I fixed it really quickly @ A @

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koriru sent: Which Shopping Service is your preferred service?

Yoybuy! c:

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bananzers sent: heya! Sorry for the questions but I was wondering if I could get a link to the swimmer knockoff shoes and the milklim varsity jacket? I've been eyeing them for a while but there's a lot of listings for both and I'm not sure which to go with. Also may I ask what shoe size you are in US sizes? I want to get a 39 as well and would like to see if they'd fit. thanks so much!

Shooooes: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=16674765063

The jacket is here but it’s outta stock sorrryyy ;;


I’m normally a 7.5 ~ :D Good luck!

teruteruhanamura sent: what are the pastel high-tops in your april taobao haul called?

Umm, what do you mean? In the listing title they’re someting like “soft little sister cute casual shoes”, or something similar. Are you looking for keywords or something?

Here’s the link if it’s of any interest to you?


I actually found them when I went through that store’s listings after I had found another pair of shoes they sold.

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taobao haul 15april2013: clothes, cosplay items, knicknacks

Store: Various shops on Taobao
Shopping Service: Yoybuy
Order date: Various, items all ordered in between early December & late March. Been building this one up a while.
Ship date: Thursday, March 28, 2013
Arrive date: Saturday, April 13, 2013
Shipping Type: Forwarding through Hong Kong Post due to China-USA customs shet
Pieces ordered: 75 (most of those are decoden pieces js lol.)
Order total: $262 item costs/domestic shipping + $87 intl shipping + $27 service fee + $1.30 customs fee = about $377 total

Preview of what is within:


Just an fyi, I do take pictures of all the clothes + them worn, but not the wigs or the colored hair clip-ins worn! Not exactly motivated to put them all on today haha. I’ll do that another time this week. I’ll put the links of the wigs though, so at least you can see the stock pictures.

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