Reviewing three pairs of circle lenses I got last week~ i.Fairy Crystal Pink, i.Fairy Crystal Blue, and GEO Princess Mimi Brown! Worn pictures ahoy~

Brown first! I’ve always wanted to try the Princess Mimi lenses for a while, I thought they always looked really cool, and my brown lenses expired a couple months ago, so!! Even though they’re 0.2+ my base curve, I trust GEO. uvu

Boy was I right to! Even though the two i.Fairy pairs were only 0.1+ my BC, these were more comfortable the first time I put them in, and they look great. These just might become my new brown casuals (normally I just bounce from brand to brand because when there are so many how can you settle on just ONE pair?? But these look great AND feel great, so hmm). 

Have some pictures, in natural light~~

Wuuuh my lips are bad lol they’re dry and I’ve been chewing on them. |D

I have pictures of them in bathroom light on my recent mall haul post.

Next we’ll go wiiiith the i.Fairy Crystal Pink pair! This was the first pair I put on after receiving the package and soaking all the lenses for 8 hours in solution. 

After putting it in it still irritated my eye and made it hurt. :’( So I was like oh no, is that it, am I not allowed to wear outside of my basecurve, will I have to cosplay without them??

But lo and behold I bought some new solution (BioTrue which was what my sis’s optometrist rec’d her), and after soaking the lenses in that solution for 24 hours+, I tried again and yay, there was basically no discomfort this time around, YAAAAAY!

Anyway, bathroom lighting:

TERRIFYING ISN’T IT LOL. Because it looks red. XP

Natural lighting looks better, I swear!!:

(Sorry my gross dry lips were really bugging me lol you dun need to see them weeeeeps)

I bought these for a Kougyoku (Magi) cosplay, and I am happy with them. uvu I’ll do a Kougyoku make up test in probably a week or two? :3

And lastlyyyyy, the i.Fairy Crystal blue pair! Same model as the pink just in a different color, these are for my Undine Asuna (Sword Art Online) cosplay. ^u^

Bathroom light! These don’t show up as well in the bathroom as the pink ones. uvu

But fear not!! These look even better than the pink ones in natural light. OvO

I was so in love with them once I put them on, they look so popping. OuO  And weirdly enough I think even though the color is really out there, they look… good on me??? Yaaaaay. I was just like, woaaaah, after I put them on. I was stunned. oAo

Whoops my eyelashes are comin off. Oh well!! We’re at the end anyway.

So that’s it for this post! I had a lot of fun trying all of them on now that my eyes don’t kill me when I do. A good solution makes a big difference! (I also put eye drops in before I put them in and after I take them out.)

Thanks for reading! ^u^/